Dotypay app

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Dotypay app

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After activating the terminal and applying the configuration, the Dotypay application is added to the terminal's home screen (called Launcher). This application processes payments in the background and is also used to manage transactions. In order to use the terminal, you must first log in to the Dotypay application.


Login to the Dotypay application


Tap the DOTYPAY icon on the home screen to launch the application.




Tap in the field 01 to select your role. The selected role corresponds to the available payment options. The Cashier can only make payments, on the other hand, the Manager has no limited rights and can therefore perform other payment operations such as refund (reimbursement) or closing. After selecting the appropriate role, enter the PIN 02 and tap the SIGN IN button 03. The PIN for the Cashier is 0000, the PIN for the Manager is 1111.




Once you have successfully logged in, the main application screen will appear. This offers various payment functions. For more information on the Dotypay app options, please refer to the Dotypay User Guide. (In Czech language)