What to do when sales do not fiscalize?

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What to do when sales do not fiscalize?

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If you have set up the EET mode correctly but receipts are not being sent to the Financial Administration, there are several options to solve it. Most problems are caused by a malfunctioning or unstable internet connection. There is no need to panic, you have 2 days to finish the “fiscalization”.


Another reason for the sales not fiscalizing may be that the EET certificate used to communicate with servers of the Financial Administration is expired. The certificate you generated when applying to get the authentication informationis valid for 3 years. Once the certificate expires, the sales cannot be fiscalized. To resolve this, generate a new certificate and load it onto the cash register. You can find the whole sequence in this chapter.


In this chapter, you will find answers to the following questions:


How to verify a functioning internet connection in the cash register?

Having an active icon for Wi-Fi connection in the cash register does not mean that the internet connection is actually working. The cash register can be connected to the wireless network, but there might be no internet connectivity in this network. So, open the web browser in the cash register and enter any new website, i.e. one you have never previously visited in the past. If the page loads successfully, the internet connection is working. In case of problems with the connection, contact your network administrator or internet connection provider.


On the desktop of the cash register, tap on the icon to display all applications.




In the list of installed applications, select the application Internet or other browser you have installed, e.g. Chrome.




In the address line in the browser, enter the address of any website that you have never previously visited. This web page is not saved in the browser cache, so it will be loaded completely. If the page is displayed, the internet is working and you’ve got it sorted.



Now you can try to resend (record) the unsent receipts to the Financial Administration by following these instructions.


How to send documents at once to Financial Administration that have not been sent and recorded earlier?

Documents that have not yet been recorded by the Financial Administration servers can be subsequently sent with the option Fiscalize documents in the tile menu. If some documents have not been received by the Financial Administration, you will be notified by the icon menu-chyba. Selecting the option Fiscalize documents will attempt again to send (record) ALL documents that have not been recorded by the Financial Administration.

If the documents are not successfully sent to the Financial Administration this way, repeat the recording of the receipts in History. (see these instructions)





If only some products are not being sent to Financial Administration, check whether in the properties of categories or products you have not activated the switch Do not fiscalize.


How to display and fix potential fiscalization errors?

You will also be notified about fiscalization errors that can be caused by improper settings of the EET mode by the icon menu-chyba in the tile menu. By selecting the option Display fiscalization errors you display the list of reported errors. The displayed errors are reported by the server of the Financial Administration.



The error is displayed below, where the TIN set up in the cash register in the part EET settings and the inserted certificate do not match. So the certificate used by the cash register was issued for a TIN other than the one set in the cash register. To solve this problem, check whether the TIN in the EET settings is correct. If it is correct, the cash register requires the right certificate to be downloadedthat is issued to this TIN.



Once the errors are resolved, use the option SOLVE, DELETE LIST to delete. However, if the errors are not fixed (settings adjusted), the fiscalization errors will appear again in the cash register after the next sale.


Reported EET errors

Code + error


1 payer’s TIN in the data message does not match the TIN in the certificate

Verify in the EET settings has been enabled the correct TIN or upload the right certificate for the given TIN.

2 Incorrect format of the TIN for the authorizing payer

Check the correct TIN format for the EET subject for sale by proxy.

3 Incorrect PKP value

This error should not occur. If you report this error, please contact technical support.

4 The date and time of the sale reception is newer than the date of the message reception*

Set the correct date and time in the cash register.

5 The date and time of the sale reception is significantly older*

Set the correct date and time in the cash register.

* The date and time of the sale reception (given in the data message) is compared with the date and time of the message reception into the tax administration’s technical device. If the date and time of a sale reception is newer by 2 hours or more than the date and time of the message reception, eventually older by 2 years or more, it will be classified by the check as incorrect. The date and time of a sale reception older than the minimal date and date and time of sale reception related to the appropriate target environment will be classified as incorrect as well.