Switching EET temporarily off

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Switching EET temporarily off

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It is very simple to temporarily switch off “fiscalization of sales” and then reactivate it later. After switching it off, information won’t be sent to the Financial Administration server so the issued documents will not be fiscalized. After switching it off, all other EET settings (certificate, establishment number etc.) will be preserved. So, the registration of sales can be turned back on anytime without the need for additional settings.


How to turn the registration of sales temporarily off?


From the main screen of Dotypos, open the side menu and tap on Application settings.




Select the item EET settings.




Deactivate the option EET enabled. From that moment on, the issued orders will not be sent to the Financial Administration. To reestablish the fiscalization, just activate the option again.




Dotypos gives no special notifications about fiscalization being disabled. Therefore, we recommend remembering the time when it will be necessary to turn on fiscalization again.