Electronic Records of Sales (EET)

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Electronic Records of Sales (EET)

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The Dotypos POS system supports the Electronic Records of Sales (EET) system. In case of EET changes with an impact on the POS system functionality, no special measurements have to be taken and no other hardware must to be purchased. Dotypos automatically updates its factory settings regularly to respond right away to legislative changes.

The current version of Dotypos records all data EET requires. It also allows you to fiscalize by proxy (record by proxy), or to not record some receipts (as allowed by law) at all.

The website http://hlidaceet.cz lets you verify the response from the Financial Administration servers and see whether they are working properly in real time. You can use this option e.g. when having problems with fiscalizing orders (order recording) to eliminate errors made by server providers.

You can run EET mode in the cash register anytime, but at latest on the day when your EET phase begins. If you run it earlier, the receipts will be sent, but the Financial Administration does not record them under the EET Act. However, we recommend taking all necessary steps (see How to put EET mode into operation, below) sufficiently in advance before recording starts, and on the day when recording begins just to activate it. You can consult with technical support on any potential issues without any significant delays.



Before you begin to set the EET mode, please check that the cash register is connected to the Internet.

Before you start using Dotypos, selling goods and fiscalizing your sales, double check the correct settings of your cash register and printer. Dotypos takes no responsibility for incorrect settings or fiscalization.


How to put EET mode into operation:

1.Get the authentication data

2.Sign your company up at the Financial Administration website

3.Have the certificate generated

4.Load the certificate into the cash register and set up EET mode

5.Activate EET mode in the cash register

6.Create subjects for sale (“fiscalization” or recording) by proxy (optional)

7.Renew certificate (The certificate is valid for 3 years. After that period, it is necessary to generate a new one and load it onto the cash register.)



The process for quickly setting up and enabling EET in Dotypos can also be found in this downloadable document:
How to run EET in Dotypos?


YoutubeYou can also watch a video of the entire process (in the Czech language):