Setting the Payment terminal driver

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Setting the Payment terminal driver

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For communication between the Dotypos application and the payment terminal of the device, you have to properly set up the Payment terminal driver. This is the application you downloaded and installed in the previous step.

Open the Payment terminal driver from the main screen, select the provider Dotypay, set the terminal connection to Built-in and save the settings. Now we recommend making a test transaction for 1 CZK to verify the communication with the terminal. This transaction can be canceled afterwards.


If you use Dotypay only as a standalone payment terminal wirelessly connected to your cash register, you can check the option under Other options to redirect the printing of the transaction confirmation to the receipt printer. In this case, however, you make this setting in the payment terminal driver that you have installed directly on the cash register.





To get familiar with the Dotypos application, go to the chapter First Dotypos operations. This chapter provides an overview of the basic operations necessary to put the touch cash register into operation so you can start working with the cash register as soon as possible.