Certificate renewal

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Certificate renewal

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The certificate you generated when applying to get the authentication informationis valid for 3 years by default. Once this certificate expires, the sales cannot be fiscalized. To resolve this, generate a new certificate and load it onto the cash register. You can find the whole sequence described below.



The cash register will notify you every day that the EET certificate will expire soon until you import a new one.


Step 1: Generating a new certificate

1.Log in at the website www.daneelektronicky.cz.

2.In the upper menu click on CERTIFIKÁTY and then on NOVÝ CERTIFIKÁT.


4.The dialog to enter the private key password appears. This is the password to protect your generated certificate. So enter the password without diacritics and remember it well. You will need this password in the next step and also to import the certificate onto the cash register!

5.After entering the password, the so-called application is generated, send it using the appropriate button.

6.Now click on the button Vytvořit exportní soubor and enter the password from step 4.

7.Finish the process by pressing the button Stáhnout exportní soubor and save the certificate in the format xxxx.p12 onto the computer.



The whole procedure to generate the certificate is clearly described at the website epodpora.mfr.cz.


Step 2: Loading the new certificate into the cash register

Now log into the web interface of Dotypos Cloud and load the certificate into the cash register. The procedure for how to smoothly load the certificate onto the cash register using Dotypos Cloud can be found in the chapter Loading a certificate into cash register.