Working with phone assistant

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Working with phone assistant

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If your phone assistant is successfully paired with the touch cash register, it will display a notification in Dotypos for every incoming call and you can use the caller’s number to open a customer account and charge this account directly.


How does the Phone assistant work?

The customer calls you on the mobile phone that you use for receiving orders. The phone is connected to the Internet and has installed the application Phone assistant paired with the touch cash register, which is also connected to the Internet.

When the phone rings, a dialog appears in Dotypos informing you about the incoming call. If it is not possible to pair any customer account in Dotypos with the caller’s phone number, use the button + ADD CUSTOMER to create a new customer account with this number:



If the customer account corresponding with the phone number is found, the specific customer order will be displayed. Use the button PICK CUSTOMER to open this customer account and start charging the ordered products. Click on RESERVE TABLE to open the Reservations application and make a reservation for the given customer. The dialog with the incoming call can be closed without any operations by using the button IGNORE.



If you have an account in progress when you receive a call, the button will appear PICK CUSTOMER FOR NEW ORDER. Tap this button to park the unfinished order and create a new, blank account with the customer assigned according to the call. You can find the parked order in open orders. If you tap on PICK CUSTOMER, the customer will be assigned directly to the current unfinished order.




The phone assistant always works with just the one cash register that it is paired with. However, you can use multiple phone assistants for different cash registers. The number of assistants is not limited. In the case of telephone numbers, potential spaces between digits are also considered.