Transfer orders

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Transfer orders

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» Available only in Dotypos UNLIMITED. «

If you use more cash registers, you can take advantage of the function that allows users to transfer orders from selected cash registers to other ones. So you can e.g. transfer orders from the cash register on the terrace or in the lounge to the main cash register in the restaurant and settle the order there. To make it work, you have to set up the connected cash registers at the register to which the orders will be transferred. The available connected cash registers will be displayed in the overview of Open orders. The sequence below will guide you through the process.


How to transfer orders from one cash register to another?


In the main cash register, open Application settings Dotypos and go to Synchronization and backup. Here in the lower part of the screen you will find Connected cash registers. Click on the button + ADD CASH REGISTER and enter the IP address of the cash register from which you want to transfer the orders.


Dotypos checks whether it can find another supported cash register at the entered IP address; if yes, it will be added under its name. The same way you can also add more printers.




Now go back to the Dotypos main screen and go to Open orders. In the bottom part, the connected cash registers will be displayed. Once you tap on the connected cash register, its current open orders will be displayed.




Select the order and confirm its transfer. The order will be transferred and opened straight away. You can settle and close it, or you can add more items to it, park it again and settle it later. However, this can only be done at the cash register to which it was transferred. The transfer is only possible in one direction at this time.



The cash register IP address can be found under the tile Help Center in the section Wi-Fi settings. If the cash register is cable-connected, you can find the assigned IP address in the Android system settings in the section Wireless connections and networks » Next » Ethernet.


The connected cash registers should have a static IP address set up, so it does not change after their shutdown or restart. If the IP address get changed, the connected cash register will be unavailable and it will have to be added again with the correct address. You can obtain information on the static IP address settings from your network administrator.

The order transfer is possible only in one direction at this point, i.e. only from connected cash registers.

In all cash registers, Dotypos application version 1.229 or higher must be installed and they must share the same storage (cloud).