Problem troubleshooting

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Problem troubleshooting

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The device is not working

The battery level may be low or the application is not responding. Please check whether the power adaptor is connected, or the device may need to be restarted.

The printer is not working

A non-functioning printer may be caused by an improperly inserted paper roll or low battery capacity. If the battery capacity is low, the printer does not print the document automatically. Connect the power adaptor to the printer and make sure the thermal paper is properly inserted into the printer.

The payment transaction failed

The failed payment transaction may be caused by any of following reasons:

The magnetic strip or chip of the debit/credit card is damaged.

The card reader or SIM card in the device is damaged.

Improper or fast debit/credit card swiping

The Payment terminal driver is not installed in the device or it is set up improperly.

Internet connection not functioning


Try to use another debit/credit card with a magnetic strip or chip for the payment.

Swipe – swipe your debit/credit card slowly and smoothly.

Try to make a manual payment instead of using the magnetic strip of the debit/credit card.

Install the Payment terminal driver and set it up properly, see the chapter Installing applications and Setting the Payment terminal driver.

Make sure the SIM card is inserted in the device properly, it is activated and your Internet (Wi-Fi) connection is functioning.