Composing and connecting the 15" cash register

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Composing and connecting the 15" cash register

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Back part



The button for turning on/off


The cover for the panel with connectors


USB ports


Panel with connectors




Power supply


Connecting the cash register driver (currently not supported – the cash register drawer is connected to the printer)


Sound input


Sound output


SIM card slot (currently not supported – the cash register supports Wi-Fi or Ethernet WLAN)


Micro SD card slot


USB ports (lower right USB OTG)


Ethernet WLAN


Cash register connection

1.Unpack the cash register and place it on the table at the back side of the stand. Tilt it so you can see the covered panel with connectors at the bottom side. Now remove the cover.

2.Plug the USB printer cable (or also the bar code reader) into any of the USB ports 07. You can use any of the USB ports, except the port marked red.

3.Plug the cash register drawer cable into the connector RJ on the back side of the printer. Some drawer types do not have the cable firmly connected, so you have to connect it both to the printer and the drawer. Find the connection plug (usually on the bottom or back side of the drawer).

4.Now connect the power adapter to the printer, plug it into the socket and turn the printer on.

5.If you have an Ethernet cable available for the Internet connection, plug it into the network connector WLAN 08.

6.Plug the connector of the power adapter into the socket 01, then plug the power cable into the outlet.

7.Put the cover on the panel with connectors, under which you pull the cables through. Put the cash register up.

8.Use the button at the back side to switch the cash register on. Your touch cash register is now ready for operation.



If you are not able to switch the cash register on using the standard procedure, connect the power supply and wait for at least 10 minutes. Then switch the cash register on again.


The touch cash register display is protected with a transparent wrap, so it does not get damaged when transported. Do not forget to remove this wrap before use.