User management

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User management

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We recommend creating user accounts for whoever will be operating the cash register before using the touch cash register itself. To each user account you assign a set of privileges defining the availability of cash register functions and overviews to selected user/users. If you set a PIN code for a user account, it will be required for logging in, so the account will be protected against unauthorized access. If you have a bar code or chip reader, users can automatically log in / log out to their account by applying the bar code card / chip card.

Each created user can be simply labelled as an independent seller. So there can be more businesses that work in one establishment and use the same cash register.

In addition to privileges for cash register operations or the application Stock, you can also specify what kind of information the user will see after logging into Dotypos Cloud. However, user privileges in Dotypos Cloud are assigned to dedicated user accounts with no connection to employee accounts in the cash register. So even a person that does not work with the cash register can have access to Dotypos Cloud, for instance when a sales overview is needed. The process for creating a user account in Dotypos Cloud and assigning privileges can be found in this chapter.



Unless a PIN is set in account properties, anybody will be able to use this account. Login protection is not preset by default. So it is recommended to set the PIN at least for the default account Administrator that can use all cash register functions.

If the user forgets their PIN for logging into the cash register, it can be changed in Dotypos Cloud. See also this article in the knowledge database (in the Czech language).


How do I set a user account?


On the main screen of Dotypos, open the side menu and select Application settings. From the list, select User management.




On the left side of the screen 01 you can see the list of all accounts that have been created. The Administrator account is preset as a Dotypos default user account with unlimited rights. Other sample accounts can also be created there. You can adjust the account by clicking on its name or use 02 to create a new account. The default administrator account cannot be deleted.




Basic items in a user account are the name, email address, phone number, PIN and bar code. The only required field is the account name; all other fields are optional. The four-digit PIN is used to secure the account. If employees have bar code cards, they can only enter their accounts with the bar code that corresponds with their user account’s bar code. To adjust or add the required items and save the settings, click on SAVE 03 in the top right corner.

If you need to delete a user account, open its properties and click on the icon DELETE USER 04 in the bottom.




Users with an entered PIN but who have not activated the option Access with PIN only can log in either using their PIN or by selecting their name from the user list – see user login. However, the account is not PIN-protected. If the option Access with PIN only is linked to the entered PIN, the account will be protected and, in addition, will not be displayed in the user list. So a user will always have to enter the PIN to log in.