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The selected touch cash registers can be connected to standard payment terminals, but also to the SumUp terminal. To get the SumUp terminal without a monthly fee and with no contract, register at this website. When registering, you have to enter the delivery address, payment information and also information on your company.

Below you may find information on how to order the SumUp payment terminal and how to set up Dotypos to communicate with it. When configured correctly, SumUp is displayed just as another payment method that can be used for standard order settlement in the Payment dialog.

The SumUp Air terminal is supported on the following devices:

5" touch cash register

8" touch cash register

10" touch cash register

14" touch cash register

15" touch cash register (after firmware update - contact us)

Mobilní číšník


Do not pair the terminal with the cash register as a standard Bluetooth device in the Android system settings. If you pair it using the standard sequence, it cannot be connected with the cash register.



I do not have the SumUp terminal yet


Go to this page and click on the button Get started now (Začněte hned teď). You can get the SumUp Air payment terminal for a better price. Then click to Go to the cash register (Přejděte k pokladně), enter your email address and choose your login password. These credentials will represent your SumUp account, so write them down, as you will need them to set up the cash register when your terminal is delivered. To create a SumUp account, you have to agree with the company’s business conditions and personal data processing.




Then you have to enter the delivery address (Adresa pro doručení) and payment information (Platební údaje). When the payment is processed, you receive the payment terminal at the entered address. The final step is to fill in your profile with the company information, personal information and bank information needed for payment remitment. And that’s it.




Once you get the SumUp payment terminal, follow the instructions described below.



I already have the SumUp payment terminal

To communicate with the SumUp terminal, Dotypos uses the SumUp® Driver that has to be installed on the cash register first by using the application Dotypos Marketplace. After installation, SumUp appears in the cash register as another available payment method. Just activate this method and log into your SumUp account. Below you may find the whole procedure in individual steps:


From the main screen of the touch cash register, open the application Dotypos Marketplace, find the SumUp® driver and click on the button INSTALL. Wait until the installation is finished.




Now open the Dotypos cash register application, go to the Application settings, select Payment settings and then Payment methods. In payment methods, you will also see the option SumUp, activate it and. Wait until the payment method installation is complete.




The option SumUp® settings contains only one option, which is the button LOGIN. So click on this button and enter your SumUp account credentials. You selected your credentials when you ordered the payment terminal.




After login, the driver finds the terminal and a numeric dialog appears. These numerals must correspond with the last numerals on the tag at the terminal bottom. Once you confirm, the cash register will automatically connect to the selected terminal.




The terminal can be changed at any time in the SumUp® settings, with the button CHANGE DEVICE. This option is useful, e.g. when you buy a new terminal or the old one is disconnected.


To find the new device, just click on the displayed terminal.




If you performed everything correctly, in the Payment dialog the new payment method SumUp will be available. To settle an order by card using the SumUp payment terminal, just click on it. Then Dotypos connects to the payment terminal and initializes the card payment.

If you need to cancel the payment being processed, quickly push the power-off button on the right side of the terminal. This will cancel the transaction. An already processed payment can be refunded after logging into your account at SumUp pages.




For communication between the cash register and the SumUp payment terminal, Bluetooth is used. So connecting the terminal to the cash register does not depend on the network coverage of your establishment. The SumUp terminal does not have to be paired with the cash register in advance. Pairing will be done by selecting the terminal (step 4 described above) after logging in directly in the driver.