Phone assistant

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Phone assistant

clip1188Phone assistant is an easy application that in cooperation with Dotypos helps the crew simplify customers’ orders over the phone. One important condition for proper functioning of the assistant is the customer orders to be filled out with phone numbers.

As soon as a customer calls, a dialog with the incoming call appears in Dotypos and, after being confirmed, the customer account with the same phone number will be automatically selected. Now the operators can charge this customer account with the ordered items.

You can install the application Phone Assistant on your smartphone used for receiving orders from customers. The assistant communicates with the touch cash register via the internet connection and uses the API interface.


The full requirements of the phone assistant:

The application Phone assistant is installed on the smartphone

An active internet connection in the touch cash register and also in the smartphone with the phone assistant

Phone assistant is paired with the touch cash register

Individual customer orders are filled out with phone numbers



Phone assistant can work properly only if the phone used for the application is connected to the Internet via a Wi-Fi connection. Due to technical reasons, using the application on a phone connected to the Internet via mobile operators cannot be guaranteed.

Some smart devices quit active applications running in background and may restrict the proper functioning of Phone assistant. If Phone assistant does not work, please check whether it is not forcibly quit in the phone.