Uber Eats

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Uber Eats

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» Available only in Dotypos UNLIMITED. «

If you are interested in the integration with the service Uber Eats, contact us using this form. We will provide you with the so-called Uber Store ID identifier. After this step, the identifier will be inserted into your Dotypos Cloud. By doing this your cash register will be connected and you will see the option to set up sales via Uber Eats in the web interface of Dotypos Cloud.



The integration with Uber Eats is supported only with the Dotypos Unlimited license. If you have any other license, you have to upgrade to this license type first. Customers with a lower license type will see this communication with an option to send a request for a license change:



Summary of integration procedure:

1.Contact us - we will provide you with a unique identifier and connect it with your cash register. By doing this you will see the option to configure Uber Eats in Dotypos Cloud.

2.Once you get the information from us that the cash register is connected, you can set up the service in Dotypos Cloud.

a.You can define the business hours for orders.

b.Create special sale categories for Uber and fill them up with products from your cash register (cloud). For each product, you can specify whether it is an alcoholic beverage or not.

c.Adjust the preferences of individual products, with the changes valid only for Uber Eats.

d.Set up the actual availability of individual products. This change will also take effect on the website and in the mobile application Uber Eats.

3.Start selling your products via Uber Eats. Once an order is entered, Dotypos automatically creates a new open order with the ordered products.


How do I set up Uber Eats?


Log into the Dotypos Cloud web interface. In the left bookmarks bar select Integration and then Uber Eats 01 to access to a well-arranged and simple setup wizard. In the overview you will see the connected one or more cash registers. For the selected cash register, click on the button Edit 02.




You set up the business hours, i.e. when your products will be available for order (for distribution) via the Uber Eats service. The time should be entered in the format XX:XX. Click on the day of the week to deactivate it, so that day orders will not be available. You can switch between individual fields using the key TAB. Continue with the button Next.




Now create categories and fill them up with products. These categories are designed only for Uber Eats and do not follow common categories in the cash register. So, first create the category with the button 03. Then enter its name into the field 04 and finally use the appropriate buttons 05 to insert products into the category. Then continue with the button Next in the lower part of the page.




If you already use Uber Eats, the dialog for pairing actual Uber Eats products with products in the cash register can be displayed. In the left part you will find an overview of unpaired products - there you mark the product, in the right part you select the appropriate product from the pop-up menu and with the button Assign you save the connection.




The properties of individual products will be displayed. So you can adjust their name (refers to Uber Eats only), description and price. Use the toggle switch Alcohol to mark drinks not to be sold to anyone under 18 years of age. Continue with the button Next in the lower part of the page to the last step.




The last step is to indicate the actual availability of products. Having the switch in the position ON indicates the product is available for orders, OFF indicates temporarily unavailable. You can exit the wizard with the button Finish.



By this the wizard will be finished and the saved menu confirmed.




You can go through the selected cash register setup wizard again at any time and adjust only some items. Only the changed items will be saved to Uber Eats. If you would like to cancel the connection with Uber Eats, please contact us.


The saved information in the wizard will be transferred into the Uber Eats system. Once an order is entered, Dotypos automatically creates a new open order with the ordered products.