Switching on/off, hibernating and resetting

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Switching on/off, hibernating and resetting

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Turning on

Turn the device on by pressing the on/off button on the right above the display. Just hold the button for about 1 second until the display lights up.



Switching off / hibernation / resetting

Turn it off by long pressing the on/off button and selecting the option clip0971 Turn off in the menu on the device display.

In the same menu you will also find the option clip0972 Reboot to restart the device, which means switching it off and back on.

If you press the turn off button just briefly, the device will be put to sleep – the display switches off. Short press the button again to wake it up.



Always turn off the device as described above.

It is recommended to restart the device at least once a week. It is also useful to switch it off every time business hours are over. Long-term operation without any restart may slow the device’s responsiveness.

If the device stops responding, you can restart it by pressing and holding the on/off button for about 6 seconds. However, this should only be done if the device does not respond to any contact for a longer time and cannot be switched off or restarted regularly.