Request technical help

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Request technical help

Navigation:  Working with cash register > Main screen and billing > Tile menu > Help Center >

You can send a query to the technical support directly from the touch cash register. A simple form is all you need. You can find it by clicking on Help Center on the main screen of Dotypos.


How do I send a query to technical support?


Click on the button Help Center in tile menu on the Dotypos main screen. Select Send query to technical support.




A simple form opens. Here, you must fill out all fields accurately:

Name and surname - Enter your name.

E-mail Address - Carefully enter the email address where you want to receive the answer. Delete any default text in this field.

Phone number - Enter the phone number to reach you in case of need.

In the field 01 to enter your query for technical support and describe the potential errors or problems.




Finally, click on the button REQUEST HELP to send the request.