How can I make Dotypos run as fast as possible?

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How can I make Dotypos run as fast as possible?

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The responsiveness of the POS application depends on several factors that can be affected by the way your Dotypos is used. So how can you make the cash register run as fast as possible?


Restart the touch cash register regularly, or turn it off when not in operation.
A long continuous run makes the device response slow down gradually. Nevertheless this applies to any device using an operating system. So at night or when not in operation, your touch cash register should be turned off or (at least once per week) restarted.


Make sure the shifts are closed.
If the cash register remains open for a long time, the amount of data in the Dotypos database increases. As soon as you close the cash register, the data is synchronized with Dotypos Cloud and deleted from the database. So opening and closing the cash register makes Dotypos respond faster, since it does not have to process and keep a big amount of data in the database, as it has to do when the cash register has not been closed for a long time (e.g. several months).


Do not install any third-party applications in the touch cash register.
The touch cash register is designed as a one-purpose device. Similarly, the Dotypos application is developed to take advantage of the opportunities provided by our tablets as much as possible. By installing other (non-POS) applications you diminish the space reserved for Dotypos and slow down the device significantly. Applications (e.g. Facebook or YouTube) require a big deal of computing output and they decrease the response of the touch cash register when running for a long time. So remember if you restart the device and do not exit these applications manually, they will launch again in the background when the device turns on.