How to get started with the API?

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How to get started with the API?

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If you are interested in using the Dotypos API v2, you must follow the steps below and first of all request the generation of authorization data (Client ID a Client Secret) via the form. These are necessary for communication with the API.

The API is available to customers with a Dotypos FULL and UNLIMITED license. For testing purposes, you will receive a special test license key from us. This key will activate the Dotypos application and create a test cloud. So you are not testing on live data.


Step 1: Request API v2 access

To communicate with the API v2, you must complete this client application registration form. Based on your carefully completed form, we will contact you to find out any additional information about your application and issue you a Client ID and Client Secret, which are required to use the API.

We will also provide you with a test license key. You will use this license key to create a test cloud and test your integration.


Step 2: Install and activate the Dotypos application

Download and install the Dotypos app on your device via the Dotypos Marketplace. You will need to go through an activation process when you first launch it. When activating, use your assigned test key. After successful activation, a test cloud storage for remote management will be created and you will be able to start using the POS application including the cloud


Step 3: Familiarize yourself with the API v2 options

Now look at the API documentation, especially the General section, to understand the basic concepts, available common features, and schema descriptions. The different API functions are grouped by the entities they manage. If you're looking for a specific function from an earlier API v1, you'll find it in the API v1 Services section.


For easier implementation, a Postman collection is available, which we are gradually adding to. If you're looking for a library to make API v2 integration easier, check out the Third party libraries section.


4. krok: Autorizace

You use the assigned Client ID and Client Secret to connect the client application to your test and later customer cloud. This is sensitive personal information that you should not share with anyone. This information is required to obtain the authorization (refresh) token that your application will use to connect. You will then need an access token  for each API call.  For the rest of the procedure, see the full API v2 documentation, where it's all described.