Date and time settings

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Date and time settings

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You have to set up the right date and time in the touch cash register. If the date and time are not correctly set, synchronization of data with Dotypos Cloud may be problematic as well.


How to set up the correct date and time?


On the main screen, use a gesture to pull down the top system bar with the clock.




In the displayed menu, tap on the cogwheel icon or alternatively select the item Settings , and from the displayed options select Date & time.




First, deactivate the first two options Automatic date & time and Automatic time zone. Then adjust the actual date, time and time zone. Set the time zone to Central European (Summer) Time GMT+02:00 by clicking and selecting from the list of cities Amsterdam GMT+02:00. Once you set up the date, time and time zone, switch the options Automatic date & time and Automatic time zone on again.



Now the touch cash register should synchronize the date and time from the network correctly.



If you apply the settings above and the time is not correct anyway, you can keep the manual settings. You just have to keep daylight savings in mind.