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If you are editing a data file exported from Dotypos Cloud in Excel, it is necessary that columns with numbers such as productId or categoryId and others have the Text format. Otherwise, the file may not import back into Dotypos Cloud correctly or at all.

It is easier to export the data to Excel, edit it and save it in CSV format. Excel format cannot be imported into the cash register. It is of course possible to export directly to CSV format, but due to the behaviour of Excel, the format of the cells with numbers will change and need to be edited. Therefore, working with a .csv file in Excel is a bit more complicated. The two procedures are shown below.



The above applies only to files that you obtain by exporting already created products from Dotypos Cloud, i.e. in case you want to modify existing products. If you do not have any products in the cash register, you do not need to include the productID column in the import file with new products, and its format is not important.


Export to Excel - How to edit an exported Excel file

1.Export and download data from Dotypos Cloud in Excel format.

2.Open the file and check the correct format of the columns with numbers - productId, categoryId, sortOrder and possibly others. Mark the columns with incorrectly displayed values and change the cell format to Text.

3.Edit the data and then save the file as a CSV (text file with separators).

4.Import the modified .csv file into Dotypos Cloud. Select Windows 1250 encoding when importing.


Export to CSV format - How to correctly import a CSV file into Excel

1.Export and download the data from Dotypos Cloud in CSV format.

2.Start Microsoft Excel.

3.Click the Data tab > From Text/CSV.

4.Select the .csv file you will edit in Excel.

5.In the dialog box that appears, keep the Windows 1250 encoding and comma separator. You can tell the correct encoding by the correct display of the diacritics in the preview.

6.In the dialog click the Transform Data button to display the source data table.

7.In the table click on the column headers for productId, categoryId, sortOrder, and any other columns that contain incorrectly transformed numbers (e.g., 4.13011E+15) and select Data Type: Text for each of the columns in the top panel on the Home tab.

8.In the Change Column Type dialog always click Replace Existing, the values in the columns will be converted to the correct number format.

9.After making the change in the top panel, click Close and Load.

10.Edit the displayed data in Excel and then save as a CSV (text file with separators).

11.Import the modified .csv file into Dotypos Cloud. Select Windows 1250 encoding when importing.


How to export XLS files and import CSV files:


Select the list 01 you want to export, then click the EXPORT button in the top bar and select Excel 02. This will export the selected list to .xls format.




Open the exported .xls file in Excel, make the required editing and save the file in .csv format. See the bullets at the beginning of the chapter.



In editing be alert to the following:

1.When deleting rows, delete not only the contents but also the rows themselves. The importing of a table with empty rows will result in an error message.

2.When changing a price without VAT, delete the price including VAT and vice versa. Otherwise the program will not be able to calculate the other value correctly.

3.They did not have spaces before or after the values in the cells with numbers (codes).



In the top bar, select IMPORT 01 and select Import Products.  In the dialog box that opens on the right side of the page, leave the Windows 1250 encoding 02 and then click in the 03 section to  select the .csv file you edited and saved in the previous step. This will import the file.



This manual is for information purposes only and does not provide any warranty. The given specifications may be changed without prior notification. Illustrations and schemes are for information purposes only. The appearance and functions of both the device and software may differ based on the current version of the product and applications.

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