License upgrade

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License upgrade

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If you are interested in the functionalities of higher Dotypos versions, you can ask anytime for an upgrade to a higher license version. The license can be upgraded immediately or starting in the following billing period.




Only license upgrades are available. License downgrades are not supported on the My Dotypos portal. If you want to downgrade your current license, contact our customer support at +420 221 221 331 - choice 2.


Immediate license upgrade

If you decide to upgrade immediately to a new license type, you have to pay off the outstanding periodic license fee according to the selected higher license (FULL or UNLIMITED). You will be redirected to the payment gateway, where you can pay off the outstanding license fee online. You receive the invoice for this payment by email. The following payments will be done as usual on the basis of periodically sent invoices.

By upgrading the license, the billing period will not be affected. It is just a license type change, so from the following period you pay the full amount for the new license type.




An example of calculating the difference for the higher license:
You have a FULL license with payment every 12 months that ends on 30.9., and during the 10th month you choose to upgrade to the UNLIMITED license. Your monthly FULL license price after the 10% discount is 801 CZK (license price x 12 months - 10% discount for annual payment). The price for the new UNLIMITED license is 1.490. It is not possible to give a 10% discount for the new license, because you have to pay off 2 months, see below.

You have used the original license for 9 months. You are not charged for the month during which you make the license upgrade – it is free, so 10 months in total. The price difference for the new license will be applied only to the 2 remaining months:
1.490 CZK (monthly UNLIMITED license price) – 801 CZK (original monthly FULL license price) = 689 CZK x 2 months = difference 1.378 CZK.



License upgrade starting from the next period

By selecting to upgrade to a higher license type starting from the next billing period, the license will be upgraded automatically at the end of the current billing period. So if you use the FULL license with the period ending 31.7. now, your license will be automatically changed to UNLIMITED from 1.8. From that day on, you will be able to use all Dotypos functions. At the beginning of the new billing period you get a periodic invoice for the new license with the new price. You do not have to make any payments in advance.