Changing the cash register language

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Changing the cash register language

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Both Dotypos and Dotypos Cloud support the following languages:

Czech / Slovak / Polish / English / German / Vietnamese / Chinese
The language of the Dotypos applications corresponds with the language set in the Android system. So to change the language, you have to change the language in system settings first. If you change the system language to any of the supported ones, Dotypos will use that language. If you select any other language than those that are supported, Dotypos will be in English.



Use this sequence to change the language of the Dotypos Cloud web interface.


How to change the application language?


On the main screen use the gesture to pull down the upper system bar with the clocks.




In the displayed menu tap on the cogwheel icon or eventually select the item Settings and from the displayed options select Jazyk a zadávání (Język, klawiatura, głos / Language & input).




Now tap on the item Jazyk (Język / Language) and select the preferred language from the list. If you run Dotypos now, it will either be in the supported language or in English - if you selected a language not supported by the POS application.