Batch stocktaking and stock in

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Batch stocktaking and stock in

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icon_inventura_enThe batch stock in and batch stocktaking allow users to take advantage of bar code readers to scan pieces of items (goods) and then stock them in or adjust them during stocktaking.


So if you scan the bar code of any product 3x, 3 pieces will be added into stocktaking or for stock in. Anytime the bar code is scanned by the reader, 1 piece or one package is scanned according to the specific product unit settings. 1x unit or package is always applied according to the product properties settings. The batch stock in and batch stocktaking are primarily intended for wholesale stores performing piece stocktaking or stock in.


How do I perform batch stocktaking or batch stock in?


In the cash register the bar code reader is connected to, open the application Warehouse. In the main menu click on Batch stocktaking or Batch stock in.


Scan the bar codes of goods you want to stock in or adjust their quantity in stock during the stocktaking. If the bar code corresponds with any product in the cash register, it will be added to the list. Alternativně je možné vyhledat a přidat do hromadné inventury či naskladnění produkty na základě jejich názvu pomocí tlačítka 04.


Use the buttons 01 to adjust the quantity of each product. To add the quantity directly you can also tap on the button 02 and enter the number using the displayed touch keypad. If you are stocking in, you can also use this button to enter the purchase price without VAT. Any incorrectly scanned product can be deleted with the button 03. Please remember that if you have e.g. a package of 6 pieces of a beverage, you have to scan the bar code of the beverage 6x or 1x and then adjust the quantity manually.




Use the button FINISH STOCKTAKING or STOCK IN in the upper right corner to save everything. You can add a note to the finished stocktaking, select the supplier for the finished stock in and enter the invoice number.