HW and SW requirements

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HW and SW requirements

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POS application Dotypos and the supported peripherals (printers, readers, etc.) are primarily tested on registers supplied by us.

There are many Android devices on the market with various properties and major or minor adjustments of the operating system, therefore for the problem-free operation of the cash register system we recommend using the Dotypos-supplied tables and peripheries. Thanks to the big differences between the smart devices, 100% compatibility with all devices on the market cannot be guaranteed with the Android operating system.

The use of smart devices does not necessarily mean the limitation of functionality. This usually does not apply to cash register peripheries such as printers or bar code readers. For these devices, Dotypos uses its own controls which may not function correctly with devices other than those currently supported.

If you want to use Dotypos on your own device, we recommend that the device meet the following requirements:

Minimum requirements for the Dotypos cash register application

Operating system

Android 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 7.1 or higher

Display resolution

1280 x 800

Memory (RAM)

1 GB


16 GB

Processor (CPU)

Quad core 1 GHz

* Android 7.0 is not supported.



If you use your own device for the Dotypos operation, we cannot guarantee the full functionality of the application. Full technical support is only provided for tablets and peripheries supplied by Dotypos.

If you have a device with an Android system version earlier than 5.0, Mobile Waiter will not be displayed in the application Dotypos Marketplace and cannot be installed as standard. Android 5.0 is a basic prerequisite for Mobile Waiter and Dotypos proper functionality.

The cash register application does not run on Android 7.0 due to an error in this operating system version.