POS mode

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POS mode

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The selected PoS mode determines how the sales screen behaves. You therefore use this setting to select how you add items to your order.



Catalog - Tap to select individual products (product cards) that you have previously created.

Simplified - Tap first to select a category and then products from that category. The selected category can be locked to be displayed as the default when you close your account and return to the main screen.

Instant sale - Instant quick sale using the numeric keypad, where you just enter the number and price or PLU/EAN code of the item on the calculator.



If you have selected Store as the type of operation when activating the cash register, the Instant sale mode will be set by default, if you have selected another type of operation (e.g. Restaurant), the Catalog mode will be set by default. The POS Mode setting allows you to change this setting regardless of the type of operation you set when activating the cash register.



Billing in catalog mode

This is the default way of setting up the cash register, which is described in the Main screen and billing chapter. The main Dotypos screen displays the product tiles, and the header displays the category strip. So, first select the category 01 in the header and then tap the tile of the selected product 02, this will add it to the order.



Billing in simplified mode

In the simplified mode, product tiles will be replaced by category tiles. So to charge a product, first tap on the selected category 01 and then select a product from that category. Once all products have been charged and the order has been closed (paid), the category tile screen will be displayed again as standard.



However, any category can be selected as the default. Just tap on the lock icon in its header 01. This will lock the category, and even if you charge products from other categories, after closing (paying) the order you will always see this category, or its products 02. Another tap on the lock icon to unlock the category and after closing the order will again display all categories tiles. To go back to the list of all categories, tap the 03 arrow.



Billing in Instant sale

Product or category tiles are replaced by a simple calculator in this mode. On this, you first select the VAT rate to be applied, then the number of pieces x price or PLU / EAN code of the goods and confirm with the PRICE button01. You also have the option of setting your own name for the item(s) sold in this way 02 or selecting a specific product 03. For more information on this option, see the Instant sale chapter.




Catalog and Simplified mode can be combined with the Instant sale Calculator. Simply enable the Use PLU keyboard option in the Application settings. Then a button will be displayed in the header to access this calculator clip0078.

Alternatively, you can also use the Featured screen. This will give you quick access to the best selling products. In addition, the products on the Recommendations actually change according to real-time sales.