Open orders

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Open orders

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The following settings relate to open (parked) orders and the controls associated with them.


Open order action

Open order action button

Defines what function the primary button in the open order dialog should have. By default, it is used to re-park the account:



There are modes available for this button:

Park - Park (re-park) the currently open account (default setting).

Cancellation - Cancel the currently open parked account.

Hidden - The button will not be displayed at all.

Back button behaviour on the main screen

Here you can set what happens if you tap the back button in the bottom panel of Android in the open order dialog.

Quick parking - The currently open order will automatically be parked off the table (default setting).

Cancel - The currently open account will be automatically cancelled.

Park order - The order parking dialog will be displayed. After selecting a specific table, the order will be parked. You can also park it outside the table or cancel:

Do nothing - No action will be taken.


Open orders

Display type

The overview of open orders has three layout modes. Select the one that suits you the most.

Simple - Order cards by tables and age with basic information.

Detail - Order cards with displayed items in individual orders.

Table - Line displaying with the possibility to arrange me individual columns.

Number of columns

Select the preferred number of columns or leave the automatic layout.

Group historical orders

Orders older than 24 hours will be marked as historic and will be displayed at the end of the overview.

Show order issue button

At each parked order, there will be a button to close and settle it.



Order status

Display order status

When a product is added to an order or a parked order is open, under charged orders there will be information on whether it is a new, parked or closed order.