Payment terminal

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Payment terminal

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If you are using a supported payment terminal, here is a link to open the payment terminal driver. The payment terminal driver is required for the cash register to communicate with the payment terminal. When the payment terminal driver is set up correctly, Cash register automatically sends the amount to be paid to the payment terminal and waits for its response.

Supported payment terminals in cooperation with Dotypos also offer tips, where the tip is sent to the terminal separately and not as part of the total payment. This allows for proper tax accounting of tips.


Execute payment terminal settlement during register closure

When you close the cash register, a closing is performed on the connected supported payment terminal.

Require variable symbol input before payment of receipts

Before you pay a order by card, a dialog will be displayed to enter the variable symbol for that payment.



If the payment terminal driver is not installed on the cash register, the card payment will be recorded on the cash register side and the account closed. It is then necessary to manually enter the amount to be paid on the terminal and thus make the card payment separately.