Connecting and configuring a payment terminal

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Connecting and configuring a payment terminal

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In this chapter you can find general instructions on how to configure and connect a standard payment terminal to the touch cash register. Prior to using the payment terminal, you must first properly install and configure the driver for the payment terminal in the cash register. You can only connect supported payment terminals to Dotypos, and a list of them can be found in our Knowledge database (in the Czech language).

For the payment terminal to function properly, the touch cash register must already have the application Dotypos put into operation and the cash register must be connected to the computer network, otherwise the payment terminal driver will not work. If you use a Bluetooth payment terminal with the cash register, they must be paired.

Dotypos also supports payment terminals SumUp. To find out about the connection process, please see this chapter.

Setting up the Dotypay payment terminal for standalone operation with a touchscreen cash register is described in this chapter.

You can find instructions on how to make a card payment with a connected payment terminal here.



The correct setting of the payment terminal and controls must always be done by a technician of the terminal supplier. Therefore we do not recommend adjusting the driver settings. Improper settings may cause a communication breakdown between the cash register and the payment terminal. So, changing the settings may mean having to pay for another visit by the technician.

The procedure described below is meant only for advanced users!


Connecting a terminal to touch cash register

Installing a payment terminal driver

Setting a payment terminal driver


Connecting a terminal to a touch cash register

The payment terminal is connected to the touch cash register indirectly through the customer’s computer network. The terminal supplier is responsible for connecting the terminal to the network, setting the terminal up correctly and assigning the static IP address. The supplier sets the fixed (static) IP address in the payment terminal during installation and enters this address to the protocol for connection to the cash register system (Protocol for connecting to the cash register operating system - POS). This IP address is important for proper communication with the touch cash register.



We recommend that you reserve the IP address for the payment terminal with the DHCP server in the network router. In this way, the terminal always obtains the same IP address, which is necessary for the proper communication with the cash register. Another possibility is to provide the terminal with an IP address out of the DHCP server range.



Installing a payment terminal driver

Dotypos provides its own payment terminal driver, used for communication between the cash register and the terminal. Once the payment terminal is installed, it is necessary to set up the cash register system (payment terminal driver) and feed it with the static IP address set by the supplier in the payment terminal. Both the installation and setting are very easy.


Download and install the payment terminal driver from the environment Dotypos Marketplace or Google Play. This process is described in the chapter Installing applications.  


Select the Payment terminal driver (Ovladač plat. terminálu) and install it using the button INSTALL.



Setting a payment terminal driver

The icon of the Payment terminal driver will be available on the touch cash register desktop after the installation. Click on it so you can perform the settings.




Opens the environment of the payment terminal driver. First acknowledge the terms and conditions, then press the button CONTINUE. Then to enter the device settings, click on the three dots in the top right corner and in the displayed menu select Settings.




The survey of payment providers will be displayed. Select the desired bank.




When you select the bank, further options will activate. Now select whether the payment terminal is connected via the local network LAN or is connected via Bluetooth or it is a built-in terminal (Dotypay). Click on the selected connection type.



Now continue with the next chapter according to your payment terminal type:

LAN - I use a payment terminal connected to the network by TCP/IP protocol

Bluetooth - I use a Bluetooth payment terminal