Cash register preparation

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Cash register preparation

1289This section guides you through the important tasks to be done prior to using the touch cash register:



Important notifications:

Always give the cash register 2-3 hours to acclimate so that no moisture condenses inside the device.

Leave the Dotypos MOBILE (8" cash register) switched off and charge it for at least 4 hours continuously before use. So the battery can be formatted.

The plastic wrap with the initial cash register text display can be stuck to any other transparent protective wrap to be used for protecting the display. You can also remove this wrap from the display without worries.

The best way to plug the touch cash register is into a separate 220 V outlet.

We recommend using an ethernet (LAN) cable to connect any printers, which will not be connected by USB cables directly to the cash register, to the active element (router).

Wi-Fi connection can be used only if you have a stable wireless network with strong coverage for the installed cash register and printers. Do not use a Wi-Fi network shared with other users, such as restaurant guests or neighboring establishments.

For proper printing at 8" cash register it is necessary to disable the Android system function Standby intelligent power saving. The procedure for disabling this function is described in our knowledge database (in the Czech language).

After first switching the Android system on, if it does not start (the Dotypos logo is displayed for a long time), hold down for about 15 seconds the button POWER to switch the cash register off. Now switch the cash register on again and it will start smoothly. Use the same sequence if after switching on the cash register you see the text BOOT MODE or Chinese characters – see this article (in the Czech language).

For proper cash register functioning without interruptions, the license has to be regularly verified through an Internet connection. If the license cannot be verified within 14 days, the cash register will not be usable. After 10 days without license verification a notification will be displayed, however the cash register is still functional for the next 4 days. So you have to connect the cash register to the Internet at least once per 10 days.