Manage integrations

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Manage integrations

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Here you can find an overview of all active integrations of third-party services or systems with Dotypos. Integration actually means connecting to Dotypos Cloud and synchronizing data with each other. Each connected application has a generated token, based on which it is authorized to communicate with Dotypos Cloud. The overview therefore lists the tokens for your connected services and applications.

To view a specific token, you must expand the integration by clicking 01. After that, the token can be deleted by checking the 02 box with the button in the header. Once you delete the token, the associated application or service will stop communicating with Dotypos Cloud and the integration will become inoperative! So this only makes sense for integrations that you demonstrably no longer use.




An overview of the natively supported integrations can be found in this chapter. Integrations of other systems can be done via the Dotypos API.