Data synchronization

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Data synchronization

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Data from every cash register is automatically synchronized to Dotypos Cloud in real-time. Synchronization takes place in every cash register when a user performs an operation. If the cash register is not permanently connected to the Internet, the synchronization always takes place when the connection is active. So to have Dotypos Cloud up-to date, an active Internet connection is necessary.

If the internet connection is not available and you cannot synchronize data with Dotypos Cloud, the cloud icon on the Dotypos main screen will be red.




If you activate several cash registers connected to your user account in Dotypos Cloud, these cash registers will automatically share any data. For more information, please see this chapter.


How much data volume doe Dotypos need for its operations?

The applications Dotypos + Dotypos Marketplace consume about 300 - 600 MB per month (average traffic). However (depending on the device used) the system and Google applications (OS Android, Keyboard, Google Services) may consume additional data from 1.5 GB up to 10 GB per month. The data demands of these system services does not affect the mobile connection, where the system itself reduces the data consumption.

In real traffic the application Dotypos itself takes for charging (writing operations into database) no more than 30 - 50 KBps from the Internet connection. So it does not affect the Internet connection speed since the transferred data volume is very small in real time.

The recommended minimal monthly data limit for the mobile connection is 500 MB, ideally 1 GB.



Please remember that the touch cash register should be used as a dedicated device. Do not install any third-party applications on the device. These application may affect the device’s performance and also the transferred data.