Operating several cash registers

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Operating several cash registers

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If you are using more than one cash register, every new cash register will be assigned by default to the same Dotypos Cloud customer user account and storage site (cloud). These cash registers then automatically share the following data:

Products and their settings

User accounts

Customer orders

Tables in the Reservation app



If there are cash registers recording in a different currency or rounding has been set up differently, you have to operate them separately. If you do not want the cash registers to share data in a single database, then they also have to be operated separately. In both these cases, you create a new storage site (cloud) during the activation wizard, or you can contact the technical support.


Operating several cash registers with shared data

Table map

Every cash register can have up to a five-page table map set up. This can be done in the Table map settings where you can turn the table map completely off whenever you do not want to use it or you can turn it on again later. Table map operations themselves and switching of them are described in the chapter of the same name Table map.


The table map has to be set up at each cash register separately.

Product prices

Changes product settings at all cash registers. When you want to change the product price at just one cash register, you can do so by creating a rule for time-based pricing. You can limit products to a specific cash register with rules for hidden products.


By default each cash register uses its own initial warehouse. If you want to set a single shared warehouse for cash registers, create a new warehouse in Dotypos Cloud and make it accessible for all or selected cash registers. Then remember to set this warehouse as the default for every cash register.