Creating a new cloud

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Creating a new cloud

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Creating a new cloud means that stand-alone storage will be created for the new cash register and it will be used for storing its data. The first cash register for which the new cloud will be created will not contain any products or data. You can add more cash registers to the new storage later. These cash registers will share the data in the storage.

For example, you can have two company branches in Prague and in Brno, each selling a different range of products. Each branch has two cash registers. There is a stand-alone cloud for each branch, where the cash registers in each branch only share the data from their own cloud.

If both branches sold an identical range of products, the cash registers would be able to use one common cloud and share products and data as well. The procedure in this chapter continues from preceding chapter, where you activate the cash register as an existing customer.


How do I create a new storage site?


Enter information about the company that will use the new cloud and click on the button Continue.




Enter into the displayed dialog the license code (use only capital letters) and consent to the Terms of use, then click on NEXT to continue.




Now select the establishment type and basic parameters of the cash register. Everything is described in this chapter. After finishing the activation wizard, you will receive information about the new cloud to the entered email address. Finally, after completing the wizard to add a new cloud, enable all required permissions for Dotypos to work properly. Now you can start using Dotypos fully, the main screen will be displayed.




After logging in to Dotypos Cloud, you can select which cloud you want to be connected to. You can find more information about cloud selection in this chapter.