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Webhooks are user-defined HTTP calls that allow, based on a certain event in the Dotypos, to perform a defined action, e.g. send information about stock movement to the e-shop, etc. This feature is intended for developers.




If you have Dotypos Cloud linked and synchronized with the Shoptet add-on, the corresponding webhooks will be automatically created to synchronize your inventory and product properties with Shoptet. Do not edit or delete these webhooks.



For better integration with the Dotypos, you can register webhooks that send information on the changes of individual entities to the entered address.

At the moment, webhooks for the following entities are supported:

Warehouse operations (in the specific warehouse)

Sale items

Changes of customer account points

Realized sales



For one entity you can have several webhooks defined. For each webhook you can define which one of two call methods will be used:

GET: This is a ping request that contains no data.

POST: The request contains a JSON list in the body with one or more records.


Examples of requests (POST)

Warehouse operations



   "avgpurchasepricewithoutvat": null,

   "branchid": 193440357,

   "created": 1567787960104,

   "currency": "CZK",

   "employee_id": 0,

   "inventoryid": null,

   "invoicenumber": null,

   "note": null,

   "order_id": 2.4137645982054e+15,

   "product_id": 8.0311313152812e+14,

   "purchasepricewithoutvat": null,

   "quantity": "-1",

   "quantitystatus": "0",

   "stocktransactionid": null,

   "stocklogid": 3.0390946566338e+15,

   "supplier_id": null,

   "transactiontype": "SALE",

   "unit": "Piece",

   "warehouseid": 193440357,

   "synced": 0,

   "versiondate": 1567787960230




Sale items



   "bitflags": 1536,

   "ctlg_amount_id": null,

   "ctlg_bind_type": null,

   "ctlg_item_id": null,

   "categoryid": 3.3955730426472e+14,

   "currency": null,

   "deleted": 0,

   "description": "",

   "discountpercent": "0",

   "discountpermitted": 1,

   "display": 1,

   "dnids": null,

   "ean": "",

   "eetsubjectid": null,

   "hexcolor": "#BA68C8",

   "marginmin": null,

   "modifiedby": "0",

   "name": "bdtest",

   "noteslist": null,

   "onsale": 0,

   "packaging": "1",

   "plu": "",

   "points": "0",

   "pricewithvat": "50",

   "pricewithoutvat": "43.47826086956522",

   "productid": 2.112090313741e+15,

   "purchasepricewithoutvat": "15",

   "requirespriceentry": 0,

   "sortorder": 1.3297681284524e+18,

   "stockdeduct": 1,

   "stockoverdraft": "ALLOW",

   "stockquantity": "-60",

   "subtitle": "238378",

   "supplier_id": null,

   "supplierproductcode": null,

   "tagslist": null,

   "units": "Piece",

   "vat": "1.15",

   "canonicalname": "bdtest",

   "numcanonicalname": "238378",

   "synced": 0,

   "versiondate": 1567787059475,

   "unitsmeasurement": null,

   "packagingmeasurement": null




Changes of customer account points



   "branch_id": 193440357,

   "created": 1567787831505,

   "customer_id": 3.9025083776719e+14,

   "employee_id": 0,

   "id": 2.7090307149034e+15,

   "note": null,

   "order_id": 1.2803012539544e+15,

   "pointgroup": 1,

   "points": "1",

   "synced": 0,

   "versiondate": 1567787831505