Certified connection and configuration of a scale (RS232)

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Certified connection and configuration of a scale (RS232)

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In this chapter you’ll find information about configuring a scale and its authenticated connection via cable to the touch cash register. The scale and cash register have to be properly configured before being connected and used. The process is valid for scales with an RS232/USB interface using a communication protocol ECR Type#12.



Certified scale connection is a paid service and the scale and cash register connection must be sealed by a technician. After the above steps, it is therefore necessary to contact the manufacturer of the scale (which in the case of Dotypos s.r.o. scales is LESAK s.r.o.) at 775 873 570 (primary in the Czech language) and arrange a visit of a technician who will perform the sealing. You will also be able to obtain information on the fee for this service by calling the above-mentioned telephone number. Dotypos company does not verify the connection of the scale or intervene with the customer.

If you do not have a scale from Dotypos, please contact your scale supplier or dealer directly for a certified connection.

The maximum unit or total price (quantity x unit price) of the weighted item is CZK / EUR 9,999.99. Sales above this amount are not possible in certified (Welmec) mode.


Before you connect

1.Remember to remove the arresting screw from the bottom of the scale that is attached to its body and prevents it from becoming damaged.

2.Connect the scale via the enclosed power supply.



Configuration of scales

-Scales supplied by Dotykačka s.r.o.

-Scales CAS ER Plus


Connecting to the touch cash register

1.The scale is connected to the touch cash register via the enclosed USB to RS232 cable and NULL MODEM reduction.

1.Connection of the scale to the device must be carried out by a trained engineer from the scale manufacturer/supplier. After being connected, the scale cannot be disconnected from the POS device!



Always connect the USB to RS232 cable to the enclosed NULL MODEM. Otherwise the scale’s electronic parts could be permanently damaged!



Your scale is physically connected. Now you have to install a certified scale driver and adjust the Dotypos settings. This is described in the next chapter.