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You can purchase a docking base for the Dotypay terminal in our e-shop. There are two types of docking base:

Regular with charging support

Extended with Wifi support and USB and ETHERNET ports


The docking base with Wifi can create its own wireless network for secure and stable connection of the Dotypay terminal. Connection of the docking base to the active element is provided via an ETHERNET network cable. The base is therefore connected to your network via cable and then distributes this network in the form of its own Wifi. However, the Wifi network generated by the docking base is only intended for Dotypay terminals, which connect to this network automatically. No other device can communicate with this network.

How to set up this base is shown below. The above procedure is based on the original English manufacturer's manual, which can be found in the package or downloaded in .pdf format from this link.



Configuring the docking base with Wifi

First you need to pair the docking base with a Dotypay payment terminal. In the second step you can then set the network parameters. Then the docking base will communicate with the Dotypay terminal (APOS A8). However, first turn on the base (insert the plug from the Dotypay terminal adapter into the POWER connector on the bottom) and after 30 seconds check the status of the indicator light on the left side. If it is red, it means that the base is available for pairing and connection.

If your router is running DHCP, just plug the network cable from that router into the Wifi dock and pair it with the Dotypay terminal. Nothing else is usually needed. The docking base will read the network parameters from the router and create a wireless network, which the Dotypay terminal will automatically connect to once paired. Optionally, of course, the network parameters can be displayed or set manually in the docking base. You will need to know the IP address that the docking base receives in order to set up the Payment Terminal Driver correctly at the cash register. This is in case you use the Dotypay device as an external payment terminal and run the cash register on another device. Everything is described below.


+Step 1: Pair and connect the base to the Dotypay terminal

+Step 2: Setting/checking network parameters

+Step 3: Configure the Payment Terminal Driver


This manual is for information purposes only and does not provide any warranty. The given specifications may be changed without prior notification. Illustrations and schemes are for information purposes only. The appearance and functions of both the device and software may differ based on the current version of the product and applications.

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