Bar code reader connection

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Bar code reader connection

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clip0726The barcode scanner connects to the touch cash register via a standard USB port. No special settings are required once the reader is connected to the cash register. The Android operating system just displays a dialog to select the keyboard layout after connecting the reader. This is because the reader is detected by the system as a standard keyboard. This dialog can be overridden by setting the keyboard layout once.

The Dotypos supports the connection of standard (manual) barcode readers and also omnidirectional readers, where it is not necessary to point the beam precisely at the barcode. The button on the top of the omnidirectional readers switches between scanning 1D and 2D codes, i.e. barcode or QR code.

In principle, any barcode reader that emulates a keyboard should work with the Dotypos. That is, Android detects it as a new keyboard when connected and displays a dialog for keyboard selection. The English keyboard layout should always be selected, otherwise the reader will not work properly, see the procedure below.

User manual for the Dotypos omnidirectional reader (In Czech language only)
Complete manual for omnidirectional reader Touch with configuration codes


If you are using an 8" cash register with the supplied Y cable and reader, you must still set the correct USB connection mode before connecting the reader. The omnidirectional reader also works with a 10" cash register via micro USB reduction.

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PDF 417 (beta)

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You can read about how the bar code reader simplifies operations with the cash register in the chapter How can we use the reader in Dotypos?.

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