Connecting the Cash drawer

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Connecting the Cash drawer

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The Cash drawer is not connected to the touch cash register directly. To connect the cash register driver, plug the RJ cable into the relevant port in the LAN/USB printer. The drawer does not require a separate power supply.

For the Cash drawer to function properly, configure these options first.

Some types of drawers have the cable firmly connected and you just have to connect it to the printer. However, some drawers have a separate cable that must be connected by one of its plugs to the connector in the drawer and the other plug to the printer. Find the connection plug on the bottom side of the drawer.

In addition to the Dotypos cash register drawers, all drawers using the cable RJ11/RJ12 or RJ14, powered by 12-24 V/1 A, to connect to the printer of receipts are generally supported.



Illustrative schemes for connecting individual peripherals can be found in this chapter.