Cash drawer

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Cash drawer

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Here you set the behaviour of the cash drawer. Appropriate settings ensure that the cash drawer opens correctly when you select a payment method in the payment dialog. First enable the cash drawer opening and then select the payment methods for which the cash drawer will be opened.


Payment methods

Open cash drawer when payment method is used

By activating this option, the cash drawer will be opened at the moment you select the payment method in the payment dialog, i.e. before the actual payment is made. The selected payment method must always be tapped before the cash drawer opens and the bill payment button becomes available.



Display open button on main screen

Hides or shows the button for the Cash drawer opening in the tile menu on the main touch cash register screen. You can use this button to open the Cash drawer any time regardless of the ongoing cash register activity.

Open cash drawer after payment from mobile waiter

Automatically opens the cash drawer when payment is made via Mobile Waiter.

Open cash drawer after payment from external ordering systems and API

Automatically opens the cash drawer when an external order has been paid in linked ordering services or when paying via API.



The cash drawer will also open when you record a cash in / out from the cash register. For example, when you pay for ingredients by cash from the cash register.


For the cash register to function properly, you first have to connect the printer to the cash register and then set up print. The Cash drawer is connected directly to the printer via an RJ45 cable; see the chapter Cash register preparation.