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The Warehouses option shows the default warehouse used by the cash register. The default warehouse is automatically created when the Dotypos application is activated. Each warehouse is represented by a unique identifier and this is the warehouse ID (shown in brackets).

You can create a new warehouse using the + CREATE NEW WAREHOUSE button or via the Dotypos Cloud web interface. If you need to change the default warehouse that the cash register uses (e.g. you want to direct two cash registers to the same warehouse), tap the SET AS DEFAULT button next to the selected warehouse.

Here you determine which warehouses each cash register will have access to. Next, you can use the rules for each product to determine which warehouse it will be deducted from. Then the cash register uses the default warehouse, but draws certain products (the ones you create rules for) from a different warehouse.




The touch cash register always has the so-called default warehouse assigned. Other warehouses can be attached to the cash register using Dotypos Cloud. If you want to change the default warehouse of the cash register, you first have to create it in Dotypos Cloud, assign it to this cash register and then locally change the warehouse directly in the cash register.