Printing price tags

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Printing price tags

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Printing price tags options

Dotypos allows you to print price tags on a standard thermal printer. So these settings are valid for the thermal printer you connected to the touch cash register.

Print settings

Printing price tags settings


If you select a specific seller here, the printing task will be available only for that seller. This is useful when one cash register is used by several independent sellers. For each of them you can set up individual printing tasks.

Printing language

Select the language in which you want the price tags to be printed. Note that if you change the language, the products in price tags will be given in the original language (with their original names). These settings affect the texts on price tags except for the names of items being sold.

Number of copies

Enter how many times you want each price tag to be printed. The default value is 1. However, you can set the number of copies directly when selecting the price tags to be printed.


If the printer supports this option and the option is active, the printer will beep during printing.