Securing accounts

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Securing accounts

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For each user account you can define a numeric code (PIN) in the account preferences to protect it. If the account has the PIN set, it is necessary to enter it to log in. An account is so safeguarded so only the user (employee) that knows the PIN can access the account. You can set the PIN in the preferences of every customer account. Each user must have a different PIN.


You can also define in the settings the cash register applications that will be accessible to users. These settings are valid for all users. For more information and the procedure, please see this chapter.


How do I set up PIN protection for an account?


Click on the selected account to open its preferences. In the section Security activate options Access with PIN only. Then click on CHANGE PIN button and use the numeric keyboard to enter and re-enter the four-digit PIN for this account. Finally save the settings.




Now go back to the Dotypos main screen and click on LOGOUT. The login dialog now appears. To log in just enter the PIN you have set on the numeric keypad 01 and click on Done 02.




You can set it so after the Dotypos application is closed, a PIN will always be required to log in. So if you exit the application and then run it again, the login dialog shown above appears. You will find this option in Application settings in the section Security settings.