Filtrování údajů podle data

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Filtrování údajů podle data

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You can filter many of the information in Dotypos Cloud by a selected time period. This is done by the calendar field in the header of each page with data that can be filtered in this way. You can choose from preset ranges in the calendar. Clicking on a preset range will automatically set the calendar to the selected period. In addition, using the buttons in the header, you can directly limit the displayed records to the last day, week, month or year.

Depending on which part of Dotypos Cloud you are in, two types of calendars are available. Working with them is slightly different and is described below.


New version of the calendar

This calendar is used by the Sales and Issued receipts reports. It is also used by data reports and is also used in reservation management.



By clicking in the 01 section you can enter the range from to, always according to the selected period in the 03 section. So if MONTHLY is selected here, enter the range of months in the 01 section in the mm.yyyy format. If you select DAILY range, you will be able to enter the range given by two dates - - in the 01 section.

Click on the calendar icon 02 to open a clear calendar with quick options:



Click on one of these options under 04 to set the most common time period. You can then use the calendar to select your own interval. First select the month and year 05, then mark the specific start day 09. If the month and year match, you can also mark the start day. The selected start day will be highlighted. Then select the ending day in the same way. The entire interval will be marked in the calendar and the displayed dates will correspond to this interval.



Based on the current calendar date, the corresponding period will be displayed automatically if it has been set. So if you set the calendar in the quick options to This month, the next month will display the dates from the current month and not the previous month.

If a large number of dates are displayed, the dates will be loaded sequentially automatically as you scroll with the mouse. So there is no classic pagination.


Original version of the calendar

This calendar is used for the sales reports Parked Accounts and Money-logs. It is also used by the original reports and some pages under the Warehouses tab.



If you need to select a custom range, select Custom Range 01 and tap the right and left months to select the start and end of the period for which you want to view the data. You can also type the date directly into the 02 and 03 fields, using the mm/dd/yyyy format. Click on the 04 and 05 icons to scroll through the calendar by month. Finally, confirm the range you have set by clicking Apply 06.




If you only need to set one day as the time period, tap twice on the selected day in the left or right month. You can see the correct date by the shape of the green square in the calendar. If it is rounded, you have entered everything correctly and the calendar will allow you to save via the Apply button.