Issued receipts

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Issued receipts

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Issued receipts

Use Issued receipts as an overview of all drawn documents. These documents can be filtered by various parameters. The default setting is displaying of documents by days. Every item has a mark to indicate whether it was recorded or not in EET mode.



By selecting from the Cash Register pop-up menu 01 you limit the overview to a particular cash register. Clicking on the field 02 sets the time period for the overview. With the pop-up menu Filter Payment type you limit the overview just to the chosen the payment method.

Click on the buttons in 03 to choose the criteria for displaying only selected documents in the overview. If you do not choose any button (see picture above) or choose all of them, all drawn documents will be displayed. When choosing one button the relevant document will be displayed, such as only canceled documents. When choosing two buttons the document meeting both criteria will be displayed. Click on the button once more to remove the filter.

You can select the number of records per page by clicking on the pull-down menu 04. To go to the next page, click on the number in the page footer or use the symbols « » to go to the first or last page.

The field 05 is used to search for a drawn document or a record on the page. Every report can be saved by the buttons 06 in an Excel table or .csv format.

Click the button Receipt 07 to display the details of the selected transactions, see the picture below. The order settled by card also contains the Transaction number, so you can pair the card payments from the cash register with the payment statement from the bank.



Indicating fiscalization status

After selecting sales for a specific day (for sales) or directly on the main screen (for drawn documents), you will see whether these sales have been recorded with Financial Administration next to the tax document number:

No EET mark: original mode without EET 01

eet3 In green: The document was sent to the Financial Administration (everything in order) 02

Crossed out eet2 In black: The document was issued with no record sent to the Financial Administration (desired by crew) 03

eet1 In black: The document was not sent to the Financial Administration (there was an error while sending the document such as a temporarily unavailable Internet connection) 04

clip0639 - The document was issued by proxy.



Partially settled orders

The order can be settled partially with the remainder settled later, for example the next day. In this case, you will see it in Dotypos Cloud in Documents issued and in the payment note in Partially paid 01. For more information about an individual document, click on Receipt 01.



Document details:




To see the procedure for partially settling (paying off) the order in the cash register, take a look at this chapter.