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» Available only in Dotypos FULL and higher. «

Happy Hours allows a price to be set that is temporarily different from the standard product price. The different price will be valid for a period of time set between two dates or by the day(s) of week and time. If you need to set a different price for just the duration date, use the easier function Price plan.

Example of how to use Happy Hours:

Let’s say in March you are organizing an event where a specific product is going to be sold at the discount price every weekend. However, starting in April the product will be sold again at the regular price.


How to set prices that are temporarily different


For manage prices in Dotypos Cloud, go to the Item management » Products tab and switch to the Prices view in the page header using the 01 button. Then click on the right blue button + Add 02. The buttons 03 can be used to edit, delete or export the created rules to a .csv file and import them later.




In the item Happy Hours 01 choose the product the price of which you want to temporarily adjust and add it to the right side 02 with the button. Now you can adjust rule properties (price event).




Enter Title of the action 03 from the pop-up menu Device 04 choose the cash register where this event will be active and in the section 05 set the event duration. To set the beginning and end dates, set the switches to ON.

In section 05 also specify the days and the time period when the rule should be followed. The time setting is always in two steps - hours and minutes.

Finally, specify the product price and use Save 07 to save the price event. You can enter the price in part 06 either exactly in EUR or, in the field Increase/Cut price, specify in % the percent value of the discount or increase, e.g. -20. The corresponding EUR price will be automatically calculated.

Use the button 08 to import the rules exported in advance, see the preceding step.


The product price will be automatically adjusted at the selected cash register for the preset period. When the preset period is over, the product price will automatically return to its original value.



When there is an overlap in rules, the rule with the lowest preset product price is the rule the program will follow.


This manual is for information purposes only and does not provide any warranty. The given specifications may be changed without prior notification. Illustrations and schemes are for information purposes only. The appearance and functions of both the device and software may differ based on the current version of the product and applications.

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