Item Management

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Item Management

Navigation:  Dotypos Cloud > Item panel >

Clicking on Item management rolls down the basic item menu used by the touch cash register will roll down. Click on the selected item to see its contents. Click on Products to open the page with the created product overview. Warehouses shows the list of all warehouses. Some items (and their contents) can be used in other operations. For example, you can create or remove products, transfer them between warehouses, create or remove suppliers and do other things.

Some lists can be exported into Excel or .csv format using the corresponding buttons in the page heading. Before exporting to these formats, you have to subscribe to notifications from Dotypos Cloud. The instructions for that can be found in this chapter.

Bulk selection



Hide products




Sales at authorization

Courses management


Add all

In some dialog windows (Prices, Warehouses and selected lists), there is the button Add all 01. This button lets you move all products to the editing window 02 where you can do more operations with them. The image below is an example of how to bulk edit all products: