Item panel

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Item panel

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After logging into the web interface of Dotypos Cloud ,the initial page will be displayed Overview. To move between individual pages use the item panel on the left side of the web interface. Items with a nib unpack when they are clicked and yield other options.

The item panel can be shown/hidden by clicking on 01. Continue by clicking on the selected item on the image or the links below.



Dotypos Cloud options

Overview - The initial page after logging into the Dotypos Cloud web interface. Here you will find summary information about sales, warehouses, most sold products, etc.

Sales reports - Detailed overviews about sales, parked orders and warehouse operations

Prices - This page lets you create rules for temporary changes in product prices based on the date, day of the week and time.

Reports - Sales reports (data) that can be filtered by different criteria.

Lists - Lists of products, product categories, customers’ orders, employees’ orders, warehouses and suppliers. You can edit, add or remove the items in the lists.

Warehouses - Information on warehouse statuses with the option of product stock in. Here you can also create rules for product assignment to individual warehouses.

Integration - Connecting Dotypos with other services, e.g. Uber Eats, or Adaptee.

Reservation - Managing and creating table / room reservations.

Analytic tools - Graphs showing some important information from the POS system.

Customer display - Configuration of the customer display for displaying commercial pictures, videos and recorded items.