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Device authorization

A list of devices that are authorized or awaiting authorization. This refers, for example, to pairing a cash register with Mobile Waiter. Tap on an authorized device in the list to view additional options, such as renaming, assigning labels, or de-authorizing.


Connected cash registers

Use the + ADD CASH REGISTER button to enter the IP address of the cashier from (or to) which you want to move accounts. If there is a supported version of the Dotypos application on the linked cash register, it will be added to the list. You can move bills between the linked cash registers and pay them. Linked cash registers will be displayed in Open orders. For the complete procedure for moving an order, see Transfer orders to another register.



The cash register IP address can be found under the tile Help Center in the section Wi-Fi settings. If the cash register is cable-connected, you can find the assigned IP address in the Android system settings in the section Wireless connections and networks » Next » Ethernet.


The connected cash registers should have a static IP address set up, so it does not change after their shutdown or restart. If the IP address get changed, the connected cash register will be unavailable and it will have to be added again with the correct address. You can obtain information on the static IP address settings from your network administrator.

In all cash registers, Dotypos application version 1.229 or higher must be installed and they must share the same storage (cloud).


Application authorization

A list of applications that are authorized or waiting to be authorized. This includes, for example, authorization of the Reservations application.