Stock transfer

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Stock transfer

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» Available only in Dotypos FULL and higher. «

In the item Warehouses » Stock transfer you will find an overview of stock transfers, by default sorted according by date. Click in the pop-up menu 01 to choose the warehouse from which you want to transfer and to display only the transfers already performed from this particular warehouse. Products can then be transferred with the button 02. Select an interval in the field 03 to limit the overview to the selected time interval only. Use the button 04 to view details of previous stock transfers. In the detail of stock transfer, you can export the displayed transfers to an Excel table or .csv or .pdf file.



How do I transfer products to another warehouse?


In the item Warehouses » Stock transfer click on the button Stock transfer and select from the pop-up menu the 01 category of products. The overview will display products in the selected category. Unless stated otherwise, products from all categories are displayed.


Use the button 02 to select the products to stock in. The selected products will be moved to the right-hand side, where they can be modified.




From the pop-up menu 03 choose the warehouse to which products will be transferred. Use the field 04 to enter their quantity and save the changes by clicking on 06.
Any product you do not wish to transfer can be removed using 05.



More warehouse transfers into one target warehouse and with the same warehouse transfer number are always merged into one overview. You can also perform the transfer directly on the page with the products overview. You can find the sequence in this chapter.