Special products

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Special products

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In addition to ordinary products (sale items), in Dotypos you can also create so-called special products with specific functions. These products are marked with an asterisk to distinguish them from ordinary sale items and are yellow by default. Special products can be also created in the Dotypos Cloud web interface.

Special products can be created in the Item management using the upper button + ADD NEW:


You can use these special products:


By charging this product you get the charged orders visually separated on the printed order. If you also activate printing the separator for receipts, the items will be separated on the receipt as well. So the separator not only impacts orders, but according to the settings of the corresponding printing task it also impacts receipts.


Order discount
By charging this product, a dialog for entering the price to be deducted from the whole order is always displayed. The discount applies to the whole order. So this product can always be charged only once. When applied, the following are checked:

The value of the discount is not higher than the value of the order,

at least 1 item in the order does not have the Don't apply order sales option active,

the final discount does not exceed the maximum discount allowed per category.

If any of the above occurs, an error will be displayed and the sale cannot be made. It is therefore necessary to adjust the applied discount.



Points usage
During product billing, a dialog will be displayed to enter the number of bonus points to be applied. Then you define the price per point when creating the product. So this product can always be charged only once. The information on bonus points can be found in this chapter.
When creating the product, you define the one-off financial value of one point. Subsequently after billing and entering the quantity of deducted points, the appropriate amount will be also deducted from the account. After payment, the defined number of points will be not only deducted from the customer account, but also divided among all order items as discount. So you do not have to worry about distinguishing VAT of individual items on the account.





For the proper functioning of special products, their initial preferences (automatically preset when created) must be kept. For the order discount, you can enter your own discount in the item Price as well as your own name for it.